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Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas

Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas

There are many ways to analyze where you are going to have your photoshoot. Here we look at two different ways of shooting outdoor location portraits. When you are scouting for locations it’s important to look at the overall picture as well as the micro details of where you will be doing your photoshoot.

1. Head shot style photoshoot

When you are shooting in close like this photo the colors and textures are more important that the rest of the background. This could be taken in an ugly alley and you wouldn’t know it. I often shoot at locations you wouldn’t think would be typical but because of a beautiful brick wall or tall Ivy structure it might be perfect for a head shot photoshoot. Our post about on location photoshoot is a good starting point if you are wanting to go out and take your photoshoot in nature.

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From The Ridg

2. Scenery style photoshoot that shows more of the background

If you are dealing with a beautfil background at your photoshoot you will want to mix it up and use some close up shots as well as medium and wide shots. This will give your model the widest range of images and will also add to your portfolio.
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From yewenyi

Outdoor Photoshoot Tips

Shooting at the right time of day is very important. Harsh shadows on your subject will not be flattering. I like to shoot early in the morning or right when the sun is going down. I also like to shoot in shaded areas if I am forced to shoot during the day. Finding a way to diffuse your light to get the most natural images is always an important factor. Our post about Understanding Natural Light will help guide you in the right direction during your photoshoot.


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